I would rather gnaw my own arm off than...

fill out another cheque requisition form.

live in a world without chicken and corn soup.

explain which tray the letter head goes in.

write another job application for job I dont want or think Ill even have any chance of getting.

waste another Saturday morning inspecting apartments that I cant afford and try to chat up the real estate agent while people with cars and qualifications and partners mill around with their sensible pants on
looking smug and organised.

gnaw YOUR arm off, that is how much I love you.

Eat a bunny

watch Gossip Girl with a house guest that is 3 minutes from overstaying her welcome

than have that thing do that thing again

than sit here for another four hours
than sit here for another four hours


have a Friday afternoon where my conversations dont involve the words debauchery incest sex blackmail playing with the big boys and finally ouch

than fight my way through another flock of Catholic pilgrims

listen to the radio, its bad music, and lengthy advertising

Than end up ruined like The Poo

Than have to "do the locomotion" with anyone.

than be single for one more flame whoring, spawn of satan bloody second. Else my vagina may actually just give up and die and fall off.

than get into your car, Mr Ocean.

gnaw my other leg off.

than have sex with either tim or john

deal with the bosses wife

than compliment someone on a mundane job through a mouth full of expensive cheese

than run out of condoms and run to the convenience store with a semi erection

pretend I am anything but excited to get out of this shithole

wish anything but bankruptcy on my boss and his entire family

sit through that presentation again

Its contradictory Ms Dustin. Vagina AND Semi-erection in convenience store?

than define one more bloody commutation

listen to this retarded baluga give another worthless lecture on the value of CRM

read another silly gnaw posting!

watch another movie based on a Noel Coward play.